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Welcome to the iLaw 2011 Wiki!

Important Program Information

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is very pleased to offer the iLaw 2011 Program, which will take place Tuesday, September 6th - Friday, September 9th. This wiki will serve as a repository for information and materials related to iLaw 2011. Here, you will find the iLaw Program Schedule, information about individual program sessions, required and recommended reading assignments, final student projects, and Program Logistics.

iLaw 2011 will be video recorded. All audience members, presenters, and other participants are required to sign a consent and release form (per the University's policy) prior to attending iLaw 2011. For more information, please visit Audio and Video Waivers. If you do not wish to be recorded please email us at ilaw-[-at-]

Please note that iLaw 2011 is a Harvard Law School class that is closed to the public. We received an enormous amount of interest in this year's program. For this reason, we ask that all registered participants commit to attending all sessions on all days -- the evening events, however, are optional.

Apart from the Evening Events, all program sessions will take place in the "Austin North" room of Austin Hall.

Program Schedule

See main page on Program Schedule

iLaw Sessions
Tuesday, September 6
Wednesday, September 7
Thursday, September 8
Friday, September 9

Program Materials

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Pillar Themes of iLaw
Open Systems/Access · Online Liberty and FOE
The Changing Internet: Cybersecurity · Intellectual Property
Digital Humanities · Cooperation · Privacy
Cross-sectional Themes of iLaw
The History of the Internet
The Global Internet · Interoperability
The Study of the Internet: New Methods for New Technologies
The Future of the Internet
Case Studies
Digital Libraries, Archives, and Rights Registries
Exploring the Arab Spring · Minds for Sale
User Innovation · Mutual Aid
Program Schedule · Program Logistics
Evening Events · Student Projects · Participation
Old iLaw Videos · Mid-Point Check-in

iLaw 2011 features a mixture of interactive lectures, roundtable-style and moderated discussions led by Harvard Law School faculty members, Berkman Center researchers, fellows, and special guests. Three types of substantive topical areas will be covered: (1) "Thematic Pillars" (the foundational topics and theories of iLaw), (2) "Cross-sectional Themes" (which explore overlapping themes below the foundational surface), and (3) Case Studies (cases and examples of themes in practice). Below are links to pages on this wiki categorized by topical area. These pages contain session overviews and links to the required reading assignments, recommended readings, and related Cross-sectional and Case Study sessions.

Note to HLS students: We’ve included a rather large number of readings on the wiki for each session. Although some of the session readings are described as “required,” faculty members and session leaders do not wish these assignments to be onerous. To this end, students will not be expected to have closely read all of the required materials prior to each session; however, students should at least familiarize themselves with the concepts contained therein. Additional “recommended” readings are included for those who wish to do a deeper dive into a particular topic area; we also hope these materials will also be useful for future research and student assignments.

Each day will end with an optional evening event. These events will offer unique opportunities to interact with Berkman Center and Harvard faculty, staff, fellows, and members of the community. Students and audience members are strongly encouraged to attend these events and learn more about the Berkman Center and it's diverse, enthusiastic community.

For more information about the schedule or logistics, please consult the Program Schedule and Program Logistics pages.

Pillar Themes of iLaw

Open Systems/Access
Online Liberty and Freedom of Expression
The Changing Internet: Cybersecurity
Intellectual Property
Digital Humanities

Cross-sectional Themes of iLaw

The History of the Internet
The Study of the Internet: New Methods for New Technologies
The Global Internet
The Future of the Internet

Case Studies

Exploring the Arab Spring
User Innovation
Digital Libraries, Archives, and Rights Registries
Mutual Aid
Minds for Sale

Audio/Video Recording Consent Forms (Notice)

See page on Audio and Video Recording Consent

We will require program attendees to sign a consent form, or opt-out of video recording, at registration on Tuesday, prior to the first session. Please see the above link for more information.

Student Projects (Required)

See main page on Final Student Projects

How to Participate at iLaw 2011

See main page on iLaw Participation

Audience members are encouraged to participate at iLaw. For more information on how to interact with members during sessions, see the above link.

Evening Events (Optional)

Videos From Previous iLaw Programs

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These are worth checking out.


See main page on Program Logistics

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