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This page contains a list of videos from presentations given by Berkman Faculty at past iLaws. See the full playlist at YouTube, or the embedded videos below, to view short explanations and predictions about the Internet and cyberlaw topics from the 2004 iLaw Program.

iLaw Videos
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iLaw: A History


  • An episode in the series on the history of the internet introduces "iLaw 2004" one of the early stories in the development of the law on the internet.

Jonathan Zittrain

Zittrain Explains the Internet's Architecture


  • Zittrain explains the fundamental structure of the internet.

Zittrain's Predictions


  • Zittrain anticipates changes to the Internet regarding quality of service, accounting & traffic management, encryption & security, and authentication in 2004.


  • Zittrain describes the need for new security measures and potential effects on Internet neutrality.


  • Zittrain discusses potential changes in hardware and how they will affect control of content.

Lawrence Lessig


  • Lessig illustrates four types of regulation, emphasizing the way the architecture of the Internet serves as a regulatory force.

Yochai Benkler


  • Yochai Benkler discusses the shift from the 150 year trend of concentration and commercialization of information production to the Internet's open, collaborative system of production.

William Fisher


  • William Fisher discusses pre-digital copyright law and the Fair Use doctrine.