Advanced International Trade Law - Fall 2017

Professor Mark Wu

This course will examine cutting-edge issues in international trade, following from the demise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the pledge to create an "America first" trade policy. It will also cover select issues that are not discussed in-depth in the introductory trade law course.  The initial weeks will set the stage about the current state of the trade regime.  Each subsequent week, participants will study a particular issue, to be determined based on the state of trade disputes and negotiations next fall.  Some of the issues will relate to open issues in WTO jurisprudence; others will relate to ongoing negotiations.  Students will be asked to prepare reaction paper for each of these subsequent courses.  In addition, the course will involve a moot case for which students will be asked to work in teams to prepare a brief.  This course is designed to give those who have already taken an introductory trade law course a better sense of what it would be like to work as on trade policy, negotiation, and litigation.

For more information about this course visit the Harvard Law School Course Catalog.

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July 6, 2017