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Linguistics 287: Topics in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing  Spring 2015

Professor Stuart Shieber
Spring 2015 Course
Meets: M, W 2:30-4:00 PM
Half course (see the course listing link, above, for credit conversion to other schools)

In-depth investigation of topics in computational linguistics and natural-language processing. Students discuss research papers and undertake a significant research project. This term, the course will focus on synchronous grammars and their use for formal modeling of the semantics of natural language, including background on Montague grammar, pertinent logic, lambda calculus, applications to machine translation and other language-processing problems.

Computer Science 187 or Linguistics 116 or permission of instructor.

The course is being offered jointly with the computer science program as Computer Science 287r, with computationally-oriented final projects. Students may not take both Computer Science 287r and Linguistics 287 for credit.