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Computer Science 187: Computational Linguistics – Fall 2014

Professor Stuart Shieber
Fall 2014 Course
Meets: M,
W., 2:30-4:00 PM, 
Half course (see the course listing link, above, for credit conversion to other schools)
Location: Maxwell Dworkin 119

Watson is the world Jeopardy champion. Siri responds accurately to "Should I bring an umbrella tomorrow?". How do they work? This course provides an introduction to the field of computational linguistics, the study of human language using the tools and techniques of computer science, with applications to a variety of natural-language-processing problems such as those deployed in Watson and Siri, and covers pertinent ideas from linguistics, logic programming, and statistical modeling. The course will include an experimental practicum component covering skills in technical writing and editing that should be of general use as well.

Computer Science 51 and Computer Science 121 or permission of the instructor.