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Communications and Internet Law and Policy - Fall 2012

Fall Term, Block A
M,T 1:10 PM - 2:40 PM

Professor Yochai Benkler
3 classroom credits

The course will provide an introduction and overview to questions of communications and Internet law and policy. The first half of the semester will be dedicated to lecture and in-class discussion to provide background and overview of major issues. The second half of the course will involve a workshop experience; students will work in groups to develop a policy paper each week, on a different subject, and share their findings and paper with the other students through in-class presentations. The topics are selected so that by following their own, and other student's presentations, students will receive an overview of the major topics currently at stake in communications and Internet law and policy, and will also develop an in-depth familiarity with a subset of the issues through intensive high-intensity research, discussion, and presentation.