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Trials in Second Life: Seminar - Fall 2007

Fall term, 2007
W 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Professor Charles R. Nesson
2 classroom credits LAW-99440A Fall

In this seminar we will do mock trials in Second Life. We will follow and further develop a format initially developed in my Evidence class. Students in the seminar will be the lawyers. Students will articulate core theory of each side of each case in opening and closing argument; will present and examine witnesses; will engage the strategic and entrepreneurial aspects of developing a workable, educationally useful, entertaining, and perhaps practical dispute resolution format in a new and exceedingly interesting medium. Witnesses and jurors will be drawn from Becca Nesson's Extension School class in Virtual Worlds and from the at-large body of participants in Second Life. Students will write papers in conjunction with the seminar.