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CyberStrategy: Law and Emotion: Reading Group - Fall 2006

Fall term, Block

Professor Charles Nesson
1 classroom credit LAW-37273A Fall

My (our) reading group will join with another led by Urs Gasser at St. Gallen, and perhaps with others elsewhere, in wikispace, second life and who knows what else we may be able to come up with.


We start with

Gasser, The Quest for Principles of Emotional Legal Design;

Maroney, Law and Emotion: A Proposed Taxonomy of an Emerging Field

and go from there. Urs and I are interested in identifying and discussing both analytical and constructive principles that might be derived fro+m various bodies of knowledge, including knowledge accumulated in the 10+ schools of thoughts starting with 'law & ...' --ranging from law & economics, law & literature, law & technology, ... to law & emotion. We are increasingly fascinated by the emergence and effects of a different set of principle, that is, by design principles (such as the end-to-end principle), which guide the building of complex systems, including (at least potentially) the legal system. Questions we will explore include: What can we learn from the law and emotion discourse as far as either analytical and/or design principles are concerned? Please email Kathy Lovell ( by September 1 if you are interested in enrolling.