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Thinking like Yourself: Poetry, Law, and Social Justice - Spring 2023

It’s often said that law school teaches you to “think like a lawyer,” which suggests that there is a single way that lawyers think. What are the consequences of that assumption for us as individuals, and for the pursuit of social justice in our profession? This reading group will use poetry as a tool to explode and explore how we think about foundational concepts like equity and governance, substantive areas like criminal justice and emerging technology, and how we understand our own identities as lawyers and advocates.

Readings for the first three sessions will be assigned, incorporating work from poets like Reginald Dwayne Betts, Joy Harjo, Claudia Rankine, Wallace Stevens, and Monica Youn. The readings for the remaining sessions will be set dynamically and collaboratively by the instructor and the participants, based on avenues of inquiry we establish together.

For more information visit the Harvard Law School Course Catalog