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MacArthur Foundation Invests $1.6M in Equitable COVID Tech

Urs Gasser discusses the BKC Policy Practice: Digital Pandemic Response, which is funded in part by the MacArthur Foundation, with GovTech. Gasser explains the program, the importance of trust and COVID-19 mitigation, and supporting disadvantaged communities.

“These are structural inequalities that have a long history, they’re systemic, and you can’t just take a solutionist approach to it, whether it’s an app you want to develop or anything else. It’s incredibly complex,” he said. “In terms of the overall approach, I think what we observe globally is, it’s really working with communities and including communities in the development process of whatever the tool is that you’re developing, whether it’s an app, a workflow, an awareness campaign. Make sure you have representative and inclusive design processes.”

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