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Integrating Concepts of Counterpublics into Generalised Public Sphere Frameworks

Contemporary Transformations in Radical Forms

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BKC Affiliate Jonas Kaiser writes about the Internet's role in forming and radicalizing non-mainstream discourse arenas.

"In this conceptual paper we suggest a functionalist approach that integrates the concept of counterpublics within the public sphere based on the two generalised functions agenda-setting and identity formation. We describe how counterpublics may become regular publics, but also emphasise on how strong collective identities may lead to a vicious cycle of extremism. Based on the examples of the far-right Stormfront forum and the Generation Identity, the concept of the vicious cycle of extremism is being proposed to highlight the internet’s role in the formation and radicalisation of counterpublics."

Read more at the Journal of the European Institute for Communication and Culture ... 

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