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Charles Nesson Joins Attorney and HLS Alumnus' Challenge Against Chevron

Ecuador Oil

Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson joins the challenge of an HLS Alum and human rights attorney who helped his Indigenous clients win a landmark $12 billion pollution judgment in Ecuador against Chevron Corporation.

“I am representing Steven Donziger because Judge Kaplan’s finding that he is guilty of judicial bribery is a manufactured lie that not even Kaplan stands behind,” said Nesson. “This is not any sort of basis to take disciplinary action to suspend a lawyer, especially without a hearing where he is not allowed to challenge the finding. This is patently unconstitutional.”

Read more at FrenteDeDefensaDeLaAmazonía...

Professor Nesson extends an opportunity for student pro-bono work in support of the case and indigenous human rights attorney and HLS alumnus, Steven Donziger ‘95.

If interested, please write to Time commitment is 3-5 hours/week through September 2019. Applicants should have an interest in disciplinary procedure and proceedings, human rights, indigenous rights, environmental law