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Site Outline

  1. RSS 2.0 Specification.
  2. Payloads for RSS.
  3. Allowable values for language in RSS.
  4. skipHours and skipDays.
  5. SOAP Meets RSS.
  6. RSS 2.0 Change Notes.

Tech notes

  1. Experimenting with BitTorrent and RSS 2.0.
  2. creativeCommons RSS Module.
  3. How to support enclosures in aggregators.
  4. Encoding & item-level descriptions.
  5. myPublicFeeds.opml.
  6. Guids are not just for geeks anymore.
  7. Relative links.
  8. RSS Redirection.
  9. Slash-delimited category names.
  10. Top-level namespaces.
  11. Weblog comments and news aggregators.


  1. RSS 2.0 Specification moves to Berkman.
  2. Advisory Board.
  3. Archive of UserLand copyright and disclaimer.
  4. Current Board.
  5. How Channel Dean came to be.
  6. Reviewing the MediaPost story about RSS.
  7. RSS History.

Blog posts

  1. Welcome to the Technology Weblog at Harvard Law
  2. Announce: RSS 2.0 Specification moves to Berkman
  3. Do you know of RSS 2.0-compatible modules?
  4. Happiness is a new Bryan Bell graphic
  5. Happiness is a new RSS application from Wired News
  6. David Galbraith: (Not)Atom and RSS
  7. RFC: Aggregators with RSS as a namespace
  8. Amazon RSS feeds?
  9. News.Com: "Politics doesn't always have to trump good sense"
  10. Crimson: Harvard to House Blog Standards
  11. Amazon RSS feed builder
  12. News: Rolling Stone supports RSS 2.0
  13. William Grosso: "I like RSS, But I Have Reservations"
  14. Jobs via RSS
  15. Oracle's RSS feeds
  16. Sam Ruby on the namespaces sub-directory
  17. Three new answers in the FAQ
  18. Issue analysis series
  19. Phil Wolff: An interview with RSSJobs creator, Steve Rose.
  20. Can RSS route around govt censorship?
  21. Apple, Phish & RSS
  22. PC World: RSS: Hot Fix for Info-Junkies
  23. MSDN: Creating an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET
  24. Howto: Generate an RSS 2.0 feed for Typepad
  25. Surf the Net with Kids in RSS
  26. Dan Gillmor: RSS Hitting Critical Mass
  27. Wired News: Aggregators Attack Info Overload
  28. Sun tutorial on RSS
  29. Major support for RSS 2.0 from Yahoo!
  30. Editor & Publisher: Newspapers Try 'Really Simple Syndication'
  31. Special RSS feed for Lydon interviews
  32. Special RSS feed for Lydon interviews
  33. MedicineNet RSS Feeds
  34. Liberalize item-level author?
  35. Yahoo Groups RSS feeds upgraded
  36. Enclosure developments
  37. RFC: myPublicFeeds.opml
  38. Introducing hierarchy to mySubscriptions.opml?
  39. End of day notes on myPublicFeeds.opml
  40. RFC: myHierarchicSubscriptions.opml
  41. Microsoft deploys RSS at Professional Developer's Conference
  42. New feeds from ABC News
  43. All Headline News feeds
  44. Longhorn has a built-in RSS aggregator?
  45. Slash-delimited category names
  46. Links and permalinks
  47. HTML in titles and descriptions
  48. RSS Winterfest, January 21-22
  49. Dean's "real-time clipping service, in RSS"
  50. A validator for RSS
  51. Dickerson: "RSS is simpler and easier"
  52. New app: Scheduled Validator
  53. How many syndication formats do you have to implement?
  54. RSS Nominated for Rave Award
  55. The really simple future of the web
  56. Forbes: The coming RSS revolution
  57. AP: Enthusiasts call Web feed next big thing
  58. BBC, Borland and Boston Globe hop on RSS bandwagon
  59. Speed Meets Feed in Download Tool
  60. Why are dates RFC 822?
  61. The role of the advisory board
  62. RSS documentation updates
  63. Proposed clarification for RSS 2.0 spec
  64. Proposed clarification for RSS 2.0 spec (revised)
  65. Added link to encoding examples in RSS 2.0 spec
  66. RSS Usage Skyrockets in the U.S.
  67. RSS Takes Flight at NASA
  68. Simple Syndication in Communist China