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creativeCommons RSS Module

Friday, July 18, 2003

A RSS module that adds an element at the <channel> or level that specifies which Creative Commons license applies.



Change Notes 

06/17/03 by PBS -- Changed the namespace URL to

04/13/03 by DW -- Supported by Manila.

12/18/02 by DW -- Removed caveat, changed the status to Deployable.

12/17/02 by DW -- Notes.

12/16/02 by DW -- Created.


One element is defined.

license -- if present as a sub-element of <channel>, indicates that the content of the RSS file is available under a license, indicated by a URL, which is the value of the license element. A list of some licenses that may be used in this context is on the Creative Commons website on this page, however the element may point to licenses not authored by Creative Commons.

You may also use the <license> element as a sub-element of <item>. When used this way it applies only to the content of that item. If an item has a license, and the channel does too, the license on the item applies, i.e. the inner license overrides the outer one.

Multiple <license> elements are allowed, in either context, indicating that the content is available under multiple licenses.

Namespace declaration 



Here's a file that illustrates the use of the <license> element.


Creative Commons License.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.