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Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Phil Wolff: An interview with RSSJobs creator, Steve Rose.

"I've been following two things very closely for many years: content syndication and labor markets. Last week RSSJobs was announced, bringing the two together. Here's my interview with Steve Rose who built RSSJobs."

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Can RSS route around govt censorship?

Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian, says that RSS can be used to route around government censorship.

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Apple, Phish & RSS

RSS in my heart.Apple reports on a Phish festival. "Phish headlined a three-day festival which attracted 70,000+ fans. In addition to performing, the band set up a tent where fans could make their own free custom mix CD of live Phish tracks with iTunes. Phish also rented a 100,000-watt radio station, completely driven by iTunes, and broadcast from the event commercial-free."

I found this story through Apple's RSS feed. See the business model? Keeping fans informed of what's going on with the products (and bands) that they love. Apple is using our technology masterfully to tell people how Phish is using theirs.

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PC World: RSS: Hot Fix for Info-Junkies

PC World: "Meet your next Web-based time-saver: customized news feeds that give news junkies their fix quickly and easily, without their having to scour the Web for all the latest bulletins. Called RSS, this standard could radically change the way you gather and manage information online."

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