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Current Board

Rogers Cadenhead is a Web application developer and the author of more than a dozen books on programming and Internet-related subjects, including several editions of the Java in 21 Days and Java in 24 Hours series, Radio UserLand Kick Start, and Movable Type Bible Desktop Edition.

He was previously a newspaper reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and an editor at StarText, one of the first online news services in the U.S.

Adam Curry was born in Washington, DC, and spent most of his adolescence in The etherlands. At age 15 he cut his chops as a broadcaster on several pirate radio stations in Amsterdam. After a brief stint at college in West Virginia, Adam landed a national music television show in 1983. Four years later he was recruited by US-based video music channel MTV. During his seven-year service at the channel, Adam wrote, produced and hosted many popular programs including the weekly Top 20 Video Countdown.

During this period Adam became interested in online publishing and taught himself Unix, in those days a necessity if you wanted to connect to the Internet. After a highly publicized domain dispute with his former employer he started OnRamp inc, that later went public in 1996 (!) as Think New Ideas.

In 1999, Adam, his wife and their 8 year old daughter relocated to Belgium. From there he became seriously interested in weblogs and contributed to the RSS spec.

Always a broadcaster, Adam is back on the radio doing morning drive  Veronica FM) and vigorously exploring the possibilities of 'Personal TV Networks' through use of open protocols and standards.

Steve Zellers has worked for over for over 15 years in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.  Currently he works for the Spotlight team at Apple Computer, and is also responsible for various high level interapplication communication mechanisms such as AppleEvents, XML-RPC and SOAP.  Formerly, he performed the initial port of the Java virtual machine for Macintosh as a contractor to Sun Microsystems, and is the author of the best selling screen saver, After Dark 3.0 for Macintosh.

Steve is a fan of scripting languages and clean, incremental system designs.