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Rebecca Nesson Rebecca Nesson
Berkman Affiliate

Email: rnesson@cyber.law.harvard.edu

[This web page was last updated in the spring of 2001.]

Rebecca Nesson is working primarily as a research assistant for Professor Zittrain these days, though she has a long and diverse history with the Berkman Center. During the fall of 2000, she was a teaching fellow for Professor Zittrain's Internet & Society course, and during the previous winter worked as a teaching fellow for Professor Nesson’s Evidence class. During the spring of 2000, she organized a live debate between Professor Charles Fried and Professor Catharine MacKinnon on the constitutionality of the civil rights provision of the Violence Against Women Act. Finally, since the fall of 2000, she has been working as part of the Berkman Center webcasting operation for the ICANN meetings. She is deeply interested in the Berkman Center's focus on the effective use and design of technology in education.

Rebecca is a candidate for a JD from the Law School in 2001, and was a Folklore & Mythology major at Harvard College. While there, she specialized in present-day folklore and oral culture among American women. This was a continuation of a long Cambridge education; she graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin in 1994, Shady Hill School Elementary School in 1990 with high honors, and Radcliffe Daycare Center in 1980 magna cum laude. She is uniquely suited to honing her talents at the Berkman Center, as co-founder Professor Charlie Nesson is her father and co-founder Professor Jonathan Zittrain a family friend. While not at the Berkman Center, she’s doing schoolwork, spending time with her friends and family, or avidly pursuing all sports activities: everything from marathons, to ice skating, to tennis, to wiffle ball, to double-dutch jump rope. This year she has spent much of her time learning more about computers and computer science.