Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet & Society The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School


We help law students at Harvard Law School, lawyers, policy-makers and others who practice in this area, and the public at large, to learn about cyberspace issues.

At Harvard Law School, Spring Semester 2008 Courses include:

* Patent Law with Terry Fisher

* Motivation: Seminar with Yochai Benkler and Terry Fisher

* Antitrust, Technology, and Innovation: Seminar with Phil Malone

* Freedom: Seminar with Charlie Nesson

* The Web Difference: Digital Media, Entertainment and the Law with John Palfrey and David Weinberger

At Harvard Extension School, the Spring Semester 2008 Course is:

* Politics and Technology of Control: The Evolving Role of the Internet in Society with Rob Faris and Colin Maclay