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               Profile: Patrick McKiernan

               Profile: Patrick McKiernan

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          Berkman Family Gift

               Jack Valenti and Lawrence Lessig Meet at Harvard to Debate the Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet

Advising - We provide consulting on Internet-related matters to governments and NGOs with a view toward advancing the global public interest and in instances where our expertise can provide the highest value.

Advocacy - We engage in targeted efforts to effect law reform where we deem such activism to be necessary, both domestically and internationally, to protect and foster openness on the Internet.

     Internet and Democracy

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Berkman Center Open House

Berkman Center Outlines Roadmap for Future Innovation

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Berkman Live Webcast

Berkman Podcasts - Podcasts of lectures and discussions hosted by the Berkman Center.


Best & Wade (2005-12) - The Internet and Democracy: Global Catalyst or Democratic Dud?

     Rundle (2005-09) - NetDialogue: A Mechanism to Promote Transparency and Public Dialogue in International Net Governance,

          Rundle (2005-14) - The Role of All Actors in Internet Governance

Best Practice Guide: Protecting The EU Copyright Directive in the Digital Age

Boston Wireless Task Force Report

Boston Wireless Task Force Report

Boston Wireless Task Force Report, 2006

Chilling Effects Internships

Clinical Program Clinical Fellow

Clinical Program Clinical Fellow 2007

CMLP Internships

Copyright Distance Learning Course Research

Copyright for Librarians Research Assitants

Digital Learning Case Study: CHNM and Online Sharing of Teaching Resources

Digital Learning Case Study: New World Records' DRAM

     Digital Learning Case Study: Film Studies and the Law of the DVD

Digital Learning Case Study: WGBH and the Public Broadcasting Statutory Exceptions

     Digital Learning Legal Background Paper: Fair Use and Educational Uses of Content

          Digital Learning Legal Background Paper: The TEACH Act

               Digital Learning Legal Background Paper: Digital Learning in India

                    Digital Learning Legal Background Paper: Statutory Damages

Digital Learning Legal Background Paper: DRM Systems and Educational Use of Copyrighted Material

Dynamic Coalition on Privacy launched at UN Internet Meeting in Athens



     Bloggership Symposium, April 28, 2006

          Bloggership: How Blogs are Transforming Legal Scholarship: Agenda



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Featured Fellow

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Gentle Wind Case Summary

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Hyde (2005-08) - How America's Revolutionaries Imagined Intellectual Property: Frames from the Framers


Intern with Lewis Hyde - Cultural Property Ownership

Internet and Democracy Internships


IRC How-To

Melanie Dulong de Rosnay

Moving Sale - Conference Table

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Netizenship - Collaborators Page


     Articles for 12 May Meeting

     Filtering Research Release

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          Berkman Center Press Releases

               01.26.06 - MacArthur Foundation Awards $3 Million to the OpenNet Initiative

               01.26.06 - MacArthur Foundation Awards $3 Million to the OpenNet Initiative

               01.26.06 - MacArthur Foundation Awards $3 Million to the OpenNet Initiative

               Berkman and Gartner to Release Report on Playlist Importance

                    Harvard Extension School to Offer First University Course through Second Life

               Berkman Center and Gartner to Release Report on Playlist Importance

               Berkman Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

                    Berkman Center Investigates Internet & Democracy

                         Berkman Center Receives $4 Million Gift from MacArthur Foundation

                              Breaking Down Digital Barriers: International Study Examines the Issue of Interoperability

                                   Citizen Media Law Project Launches Legal Threats Database

                              The Berkman Center Announces Formation of Internet Safety Task Force

               Global Voices Online is Awarded the Grand Prize for Innovations in Journalism from the Knight-Batten Foundation

               ONI Vietnam Report

                    OpenNet Initiative Burma Report

               StopBadware.org - New Consumer Protection Initiative to Combat Spyware and Other "Badware"

               StopBadware.org and CDT File Formal Complaint with FTC Against Spyware Operator

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          StopBadware.org and CDT File Formal Complaint with FTC

          Survey of Government Internet Filtering Practices Indicates Increasing Internet Censorship

               Berkman Center Awarded Two Knight Grants for Media Projects

                    Berkman Center and CALI Partner to Create

                         Cyberlaw Expert Jonathan Zittrain Named Assistant Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

                              Berkman Center Names Co-Directors of Clinical Program in Internet Law at Harvard Law School

                         Harvard Law Schoolís Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Harvard Extension School to Offer First University Course through Second Life, a 3-D Virtual Environment

                    Researchers Join Forces to Expose Net Censorship

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ONI Singapore Report Release

     MacArthur Foundation Awards $3 Million to the Berkman Center and ONI to Advance Global Internet Filtering Research

Online Music Survey - This is a synopsis.

OpenNet Initiative Research Assistants

Palfrey (2005-13) - Local Nets: Filtering and the Internet Governance Problem

Palfrey, Bambauer, Abrams (2005-15) - Stemming the International Tide of Spam: A Draft Model Law

Palfrey, Bambauer, Abrams (2005-15) - Stemming the International Tide of Spam: A Draft Model Law

Palfrey, Gasser (2005-10) - Catch-As-Catch-Can: A Case Note On Grokster


Press Archives

Principles on Free Expression and Privacy

Project List Template - A template for lists of projects, like the teaching/research/advisory groupings on the left hand side navigation bar.

Project VRM Research Assistants



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          Open Economies

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          Panama Readiness and eLearning

     Advocacy (old)

          Advocacy Archives

          Chilling Effects


          Creative Commons

          Global Voices - An international effort to diversify the conversation taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these voices heard.



     Teaching (old) - Description of the Berkman Center's teaching focus and links to related projects.


               BOLD Series Archive

               BOLD Signup


          Clinical Program in Cyberlaw


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                    Cyberlaw and the Global Economy -- Fall 2004

                    Digital Democracy -- Fall 2004

                    Internet Law Colloquium 2004

                    Practical Lawyering -- Fall 2004

               Other Berkman Center Academic Offerings

                    Cyberlaw and the Global Economy--Fall 2003

                    Digital Democracy Fall 2003

                    Internet & Society 2002-3--Extension School

                    Internet & Society 2004 - Extension School

                    Internet & Society Spring 2001-2--Extension School

                    PIL2003: Internet Law 2003

          Internet & Society Study Group

          Internet Law Colloquium 2004

               Additional Hunter Reading

               Carroll Readings

               Chapter on Cybercrime for November 10 - This is the assigned reading for the Colloquium session on Cybercrime on November 10, 2004. Hard copies of the reading will be available at the Berkman Center on Monday, November 8.

               Internet Law Colloquium Redirect

               Professor Mann Readings

               Sunstein Reading

          Internet Law Program

          Internet Law Program Casebook

          Student Think Tank

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     Old Publication Series


               The Rise and Fall of Sysopdom. Jonathan Zittrain. 1997.


               What Things Regulate Speech: CDA 2.0 v. Filtering. Lawrence Lessig. 5/1998.


               1999-01: Lawrence Lessig, The Censorships of Television, 3/1999.

               1999-02: David Bollier, The Power of Openness - Why Citizens, Education, Government and Business Should Care About the Coming Revolution in Open Source Code Software, 4/1999.

               1999-03: Austan Goolsbee and Jonathan Zittrain, Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Taxing Internet Commerce, 5/1999.

               1999-04: Jonathan Zittrain, The Un-Microsoft Un-Remedy: Law Can Prevent the Problem That It Canít Patch Later, 8/1999.old

               1999-05: Lawrence Lessig, The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach, 12/1999.

               1999-06: Lawrence Lessig and Paul Resnick, Zoning Speech on the Internet: A Legal and Technical Model, 12/1999.


               2000-01: Jonathan Zittrain, What the Publisher Can Teach the Patient: Intellectual Property and Privacy in an Era of Trusted Privication, 2/2000.


               2002-01: Rohan Kariyawasam, Readiness for the Networked World: Jamaica Assessment, 5/2002.

               2002-02: Avishalom Tor and Dotan Oliar, Incentives to Create Under a "Lifetime-Plus-Years" Copyright Duration: Lessons from a Behavioral Economic Analysis for Eldred v. Ashcroft, 8/2002. - Avishalom Tor and Dotan Oliar, Incentives to Create Under a "Lifetime-Plus-Years" Copyright Duration: Lessons from a Behavioral Economic Analysis for Eldred v. Ashcroft, 8/2002.


               2003-01: Jonathan Zittrain, Internet Points of Control, 3/2003.

               2003-02: Jonathan Zittrain and Benjamin Edelman, Internet Filtering in China, 4/2003.

               2003-03: Jonathan Zittrain, Be Careful What You Ask For: Reconciling a Global Internet and Local Law, 5/2003.

               2003-04: Andrew Song, Technology, Terrorism, and the Fishbowl Effect: An Economic Analysis of Surveillance and Searches, 5/2003.

               2003-05: GartnerG2 and The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, Copyright and Digital Media in a Post-Napster World, 8/2003.

               2003-06: Ethan Zuckerman, Global Attention Profiles - A working paper: First steps towards a qunatitative approach to the study of media attention, 8/2003.

               2003-07: GartnerG2 and The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, Five Scenarios for Digital Media in a Post-Napster World, 11/2003.

               2003-08: Urs Gasser, Information Quality and the Law, or, How to Catch a Difficult Horse, 11/2003.

               2003-09: Andrew McLaughlin, Analysis and Critique of Mongoliaís Draft Law on Information Technology, 12/2003.


               Gasser (2004-10)

               Gordon (2004-03)

                    Druey (2004-05) - Information Cannot Be Owned

                         Chang (2004-06)

                    Gasser (2004-07)

                    Johnson, Crawford, Palfrey (2004-04) - The Accountable Net: Peer Production of Internet Governance

               Larson (2004-01)

               Palfrey (2004-02)

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     Collections of Research

          AudioBerkman - AudioBerkman is an audio series that addresses some of the most pressing issues related to Internet law and technology in an accessible, creative format.

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               Caio Pereira Abstract

               Derek Bambauer Abstract

               Derek Slater Abstract

               Dotan Oliar Abstract

               driscoll abstract

               gordon koo abstract

               Ivan Reidel Abstract

               Marvin Ammori Abstract

               Marvin Ammori Abstract

               Michal Tsur Abstract

               Open Documents and Democracy

               Reconfiguring Friendships

               The Accountable Internet

               wagman abstract

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     Net Dialogue

     Net Dialogue

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          Berkman Commons - A collection of Creative Commons-licensed work made available by its creators: people associated with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

          Global Networked Readiness for Education

          Internet Radio Initiatives

          Online Deliberative Discourse Research Project - Research into online deliberative discourse, originally inspired by the needs of ICANN.

          Representation in Cyberspace Study - Proposal to ICANN on the nature of representation in an online context.

          Sustainable Access in Rural India (SARI) - A project that seeks to show that viable markets exist for information and communication services in rural poor areas by inventing and deploying innovative technologies, assessments, and business models.

          The Bridge - A six-unit series on legal reasoning, and a series of modules on American Legal Theory, divided into six "tracks" representing important schools of thought.

          UDRP Opinion Guide - An Opinion Guide written by our Clinical Law Program and modeled on the Restatement of Law materials published by the American Law Institute (ALI). It is attempt to organize and "codify" the opinions issued by courts concerning the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy. (Please note: the guide is not affiliated with the ALI.)

Research with David Weinberger on How we Became Information

Rundle (2006-01) - Identity Management as a Cybersecurity Case Study

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               Digital Learning Challenge Paper

               Eric Priest, Digital Media in Asia Power Point

               Eric Priest, Digital Media in Asia Power Point

               Eric Priest, Digital Media in Asia Power Point

               Gasser (2005-02)

               Gasser (2005-03)

               International Personal Data Protection and Digital Identity Management Tools

               Maclay & Kirkman (2005-05) - Global Networked Readiness for Education

                    Schneider (2005-04) - Rapid ICT Change and Workplace Knowledge Obsolescence

                         Seltzer (2005-06) - The Broadcast Flag: It's not just TV

                              Slater & McGuire (2005-11) - Consumer Taste Sharing Is Driving the Online Music Business and Democratizing Culture

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               Petrick (2004-09)

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Weinberger (2005-07) - Tagging and Why It Matters

Wikimania 2006 Lodging

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