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Past Project

Cybersecurity Wiki

During 2010-2012, under the guidance of Professor Jack Goldsmith, the Berkman Klein Center team created a cybersecurity wiki to house an evolving set of more than 350 foundational articles, annotations, reports, and other resources on cybersecurity, broadly-defined.

The wiki is intended to be a resource for researchers, technologists, students, policy-makers and others who are interested in cybersecurity issues more broadly.  As a starting point, resources were chosen based on the recommendations from select researchers, academics, and other experts.  We have continued to build upon and grow this collection.  Most recently, we added an evolving Case Studies page and a collection of suggested syllabi on the open H2O online textbook platform for teaching topics related to cybersecurity.  

The cybersecurity team organized the wiki with an eye towards flexibility.  The resources can be browsed by type (e.g., government reports, journal articles, industry reports) or topical category (e.g., threats and actors, issues, approaches) using the Table of Contents.  In addition, the wiki features a List of All Resources that can be sorted, filtered and searched to easily drill down by type, category, text string, publication title, author, and date.  More information about the organizational structure and using the wiki features is available on the Help page.

The wiki is currently maintained by Berkman Klein Center editors, who continue to refine the featured content and underlying structure as time permits.  However, feedback about the wiki and suggestions for additions to the currently-listed materials are welcomed and greatly appreciated – please contact:  

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