Trends in Badware 2007: What Internet Users Need to Know

October 1, 2007

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"Trends in Badware 2007: What Internet Users Need to Know" is StopBadware's 2007 update on the state of badware on the web. The short report is a plain-English explanation of badware threats to user privacy and security, based on our research in 2007. It explains online security issues such as legitimate websites that have been hacked to distribute badware, social networking scams, and other badware trends that pose significant risk to the average internet user.

"Trends in Badware" is written with nontechnical internet users in mind - folks who love using the internet, but who may not yet have learned about newer badware threats. StopBadware's analysis is based on research using data from hundreds of thousands of infected websites, provided through a research partnership with Google.

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