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iTunes: Some Observations After 500 Million Downloaded Songs


From the Introduction:

This document takes yet another look at the iTunes Music Store. In contrast to previous studies, however, it does not intend to provide a thorough follow-up analysis of the specific interactions between markets, technology, norms, and the law, nor does it seek to describe the Post-Grokster digital music landscape in greater detail. Rather, it seeks to share some observations that one might find interesting from a business, legal, or policy perspective.

The subsequent section focuses on market and business issues that seem noteworthy, while section III deals with legal phenomena such as contractual issues and fair use that have evolved while Apple’s iTMS has expanded to new markets. The fourth section points to some interesting developments on the policy level— some of them emerging in the aftermath of iTMS’ going global. Comments on this paper, intended as a working document, are encouraged and appreciated.