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What Governments Across The Globe Are Doing To Seize The Benefits Of Autonomous Vehicles

What Governments Across The Globe Are Doing To Seize The Benefits Of Autonomous Vehicles

a Policy Paper on Autonomous Vehicles


This policy paper introduces some of the main policy and regulatory actions that are being undertaken in the international arena in relation to automated vehicles (AVs). We cover initiatives from the G7 international meetings, the United States, the European Union, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, and New Zealand. This primer is not intended to serve
as comprehensive analysis of the governing regimes established within these jurisdictions, but rather to provide a broad overview of noteworthy developments that have taken place within a sample of jurisdictions.

From this collection, we identify trends in public policy and regulatory strategies on AVs. These trends may include the motivations driving governments toward adopting certain policies or specific actions being taken to deploy AVs, such as harmonizing regulatory frameworks, coordinating actions with stakeholders, analyzing socio-economic and ethical impacts, or supporting research and development of the technology. We revisit these trends in the concluding remarks section of this paper.

Learning from one another’s experiences can inspire creative actions and facilitate improved AV policies. However, the impact of the initiatives will depend on the legal, social, and economic environment in which they are developed and implemented. To be successful, each initiative will need to be adapted to the specific context of its region.

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