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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Dr Yang Cao is an associate professor and vice director of Intellectual Property Research Center of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Yang Cao also works as a director of China Technology and Law Association and research at Fudan Intellectual Property Research Center. He sometimes works a peer-reviewer for some academic journals. Yang Cao's major research interests are intellectual property and internet. He has published several books on international intellectual property regime and patent commercialization. In recent years he has worked on projects like food security and intellectual property,public domains and intellectual property. And he has published several articles in IP and internet fields.

Yang Cao finished his PHD study in Fudan University with a major in international law and focused his research on Trade Related Intellectual Property Law. Since 2008, he worked as a law teacher at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. The courses he taught include intellectual property law, trademark law, copyright law, patent law, company law, contract law, commercial law, etc.

 He is going to explore the appropriate way of internet governance from a comparative perspective during his stay in Berkman. He hopes to find a delicate balance between effective internet governance and internet freedom and justice.


Nov 21, 2013

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