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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Wayne (Wei-Yuan) Lo is currently a Taiwanese public prosecutor at Taipei District Prosecutors Office and has been a prosecutor for 11 years. Wayne specializes in cyber crimes, cryptocurrency crimes, money laundering crimes, and telecom fraud. Nowadays, when criminal groups have cooperated across the border, the law enforcement agencies need to work together tighter. So Wayne also helps the Ministry of Justice of Taiwan to deal with mutual legal assistance cases to practice international cooperation.

Wayne’s research here will focus on cybercrime, cryptocurrency crime, and international cooperation. The more technologies that the financial system use, the more cyber risk will come along with. Wayne have dealt with a credential-Stuffing case that the hackers attack securities companies' systems and place orders successfully. Through tracing the origin of the hackers with excellent Taiwanese law enforcement agencies, we still meet huge challenges and need to seek more international cooperation.

In Taiwan, the criminals commit telecom fraud and use cryptocurrencies to laundry money. Due to the characteristic of blockchain, we can trace the cryptocurrencies through the public ledger. However, the challenge is how to identify the criminal behind the wallet address. Furthermore, how to request information from virtual asset service providers all over the world is another big issue.

Besides, the draft of the Digital Intermediary Service Act of Taiwan has sparked a heated discussion. To build a secure and trusting internet environment, the government tries to find the balance between freedom of speech and combating misinformation and illegal content. Is the right of freedom of speech absolutely? Is the court can file an access restriction order? if so, what is the procedure, and how to practice legally and technically? What is the remedy procedure? What kind of responsibility that the digital intermediary service providers have? The questions above are significant to Taiwan and Wayne wants to discuss the issues with the members of the BKC.

Through investigating more than one thousand cases annually, Wayne experienced all walks of life. Wayne is excited to have the opportunity to join the wonderful BKC and share Wayne’s experience with you.