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Ricarose Roque

Ricarose Roque is an assistant professor in Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Ricarose designs inclusive learning environments that enable young people to become computational creators — people who are able to use computing to create things they care about, develop identities as creators, and imagine the ways they can shape the world. She draws on qualitative methods such as ethnographic and design-based methods to study the role that social context plays in supporting children’s participation in computing, with particular focus on two settings: the Family Creative Learning program and the Scratch online community. 

Ricarose earned a BS and MEng in Computer Science and an MS and a PhD in Media Arts and Sciences -- all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She serves on the advisory board of LA Makerspace and has been a tinkerer-in-residence at the Tinkering Studio in the Exploratorium. 

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