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Kathleen N. Esfahany is a Ph.D. student at the Harvard Program in Neuroscience and a researcher at the metaLAB (at) Harvard. As an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center, Kathleen will primarily be researching the intersections of AI and policy, with a focus on pedagogy. Prior to joining Harvard, Kathleen earned a B.S. in Computation and Cognition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout her work, Kathleen finds value in being interdisciplinary, with her background in neuroscience, computation, and policy each informing her approach to solving problems. Kathleen’s past work in the intersection of technology and society includes authoring a storytelling series about the history of computing at the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, contributing to guidelines for responsible design of AI for kids at the World Economic Forum, directing science and technology policy bootcamp at MIT, and implementing differential privacy tools at Microsoft. In her neuroscience research, Kathleen has investigated the role of sleep and dreams on post-sleep creative cognition at the MIT Media Lab. She has also studied the functional organization of the visual cortex at Stony Brook University and the Allen Institute. Kathleen is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.