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Jess Weaver

Communications Coordinator

Jess Weaver is a nonprofit communicator, evaluator, and qualitative UX researcher with a focus on civic technology. She began her career leading strategic communications for an organization committed to dialogue across differences in an increasingly polarized world. Earning a Masters in Civic Media at the Emerson College Engagement Lab, Jess has conducted research for the MacArthur Foundation and the Harvard Kennedy School, and is also a published author on the topic of AI ethics in governance. Jess has managed strategic communications, curriculum design, and leadership development through roles in civic engagement in higher education, managing local partnerships for a civic dialogue AI tech nonprofit based out of the MIT Media Lab. She is certified in nonprofit program evaluation, UX, gender and data, and women-centered design and serves on the strategy board for Public Sentiment, a civic technology nonprofit based in NYC. She has also designed two educational games focused on civic engagement for an international NGO.