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Jennifer Kaberi


Ms Kaberi is Afro centric who has been called to work with and for children. A Research Affiliate at the Berkman Center for internet and society at Harvard University, investigating how we can reboot social media by creating a digital environment where children can engage, create, and influence in a safe and fun digital environment.

She is a Child Development specialist with a Masters in Child Development from Daystar University with over 17 years of experience working with children. A significant amount of developing child-focused systems. Jennifer has supported several governments and regional bodies in developing children's policies as part of the technical committees. 

Moreover, Jennifer has been trailblazing in using technology as a tool for child participation by creating platforms where children can hold their leaders accountable as well as contribute to National and Regional debates and influence products and policies design for and about children. 

She founded Mtoto News to fill a gap of lack of a digital platform that exclusively tells children stories, shares resources on children and provides a platform for children to express themselves. The platform has evolved to be a center of excellence on children and technology and especially helping children realize their participation rights in the fast evolving tech space. She is passionate about and believes the way we bring up our children will contribute to Africa's development.