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Erlyn Rachelle Macarayan


Erlyn Rachelle Macarayan, PhD, MS, RN is Vice President of Data Science in a start up social media company. For the past years, she has also been a social media consultant for Health Systems Global. She also was an adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy, and Practice at Brown University School of Public Health. She has worked extensively in the public health and the health data science fields with many years of experience as an advisor and consultant to various international organizations, including industries. She is an esteemed public health researcher who leads multi-collaborative, multi-sectoral, and global research projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization, among others. She has also worked as Advisor in Data Science at CVS Health Corporation and was a research scientist at The Harvard University School of Public Health, where she also did her postdoctoral research. She holds a masters and PhD in public health and is a trained cardiovascular and renal nurse.