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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

Chien-Kuan Ho

Ho, Chien-Kuan has served as a prosecutor in the Taichung District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan for 12 years. He has to deal with all sorts of crimes, including fraud, drug trafficking, child sex crime, cybercrime and so on. Among all the crimes, he is most concerned about cybercrime. 

For decades, computer forensics has made great progress in criminal investigations, such as forensic hard drive imaging. When a computer is carrying electronic evidence, it is urgent to abide by procedures to guarantee an admissible extraction of any evidence from the computer. Evidence from computer forensics investigations are required to be authentic, reliably obtained, and admissible. Therefore, Chien-Kuan think that computer forensics is a subject worthy of careful research.

With the development of cloud computing, more and more information can be kept on the cloud. Criminals may regard the cloud as a tool when it is used to plan or commit a crime. Evidence is often not stored on the computer which has been seized, but on a foreign server. It is important for a prosecutor to learn how to detect cybercrime and acquire evidence on servers to prevent innocent people from being infringed.