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Dr Anandana Kapur, an alumna of the Harvard Kennedy School and Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, brings over 17 years of experience in media literacy, digital storytelling and filmmaking. As a Berkman Klein Center Affiliate, Dr. Kapur's research focuses on AI risks and harms, along with the socio-technical aspects of immersive and interactive media. She conducts workshops on socio-technical inclusion and ethical design for universities, communities, and start-ups. She mentors entrepeneurs on integrating co-creation and ethical principles into their products and services. Drawing from her extensive background, including teaching in post-graduate programs and providing consultation to grassroots organizations, Dr. Kapur possesses a wealth of experience in participatory research design, media and communications policy, and ethical leadership. She has been honored with fellowships from renowned institutions like Harvard University, MIT's Open Doc Lab, and the Indo-Canadian Shastri doctoral grant. Her publications delve into subjects such as AI ethics and the creative economy. She enjoys being a flaneuse, visual arts and all things handmade!

Projects & Tools

Responsible Generative AI: Accountable Technical Oversight

Generative AI is at a tipping point of adoption and impact, much like that of machine learning and AI years ago. But this time the stakes, regulatory environment, potential social…