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Open Access News  - Current Events

May 1, 2000 - DTE decision
Cable Division of DTE issues the decision on Motions for Summary Decision and Consolidation.

Read the order. (requies AcrobatReader)

Feb 29,  2000 - Hearing Before the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed AOL / Time-Warner merger, and its effects on competition and consumer choice in broadband Internet services and technologies.

Transcripts of Witness' testimonies
View video of the hearing

Feb 14, 2000 - AOL switches the bandwagon?
AOL is backing out of its support for government rules on Open Access.  Some expected this after its merger with the  Time Warner, Inc.  However, AOL states it still continues to  support Open Access:

"AOL Against Government Rules on Open Access" - Feb 14, 2000
"AOL Adjusts Open Access Efforts" - Feb 14, 2000
AOL Drops the Fight for Open Access, Washington Post, Feb12, 2000
"AOL/Time Warner Say I Open Access?

Feb 4, 2000 - FCC hearing
FCC holds its first public hearing on the proposed merger between AT&T and MediaOne.

Testimonies before the FCC (requires free AcrobatReader)

December 14, 1999 - Filing by the four Massachussets Communities
OpenNET Coalition Commends Filing by Four Massachusetts Communities to Compel AT&T and MediaOne to Accept Open Access and Customer Choice  >  OpenNet Coalition's press release

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Open Acces Fights in Other Jurisdictions

Portland and Multnomah County

Mar 17, 2000.  The City of Portland and Multnomah County in conjunction with the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, voted to approve its local cable license transfer from TCI to AT&T Corp., provided that AT&T (T) grant nondiscriminatory access to its cable modem platform. >  Read about it
Four companies poise to take on AT&T, the Portland area's dominant cable provider. >  Read about it.

Maryland and Kansas

Feb 2000 - Maryland and Kansas join the fight
Maryland and Kansas join the Open Access fight proposing new legislation for open access. Virginia Senate and House of Delegates held hearings on open access legislation.   >  Read about it.

Colorado and Texas

A start-up outfit WideOpenWest LLC in Denver Colorado competes with AT&T Broadband. (4/06/00)  >  Read about it.

Henrico County, Virginia

Virginia Court overturns Open Access Requirement.  
> Read OpenNET Coalition's reaction
Dec 15, 1999 - Henrico County, VA, Approves Open Access
Henrico County, VA, approved the transfer of the local MediaOne franchise to AT&T, making  open access a precondition to the transfer.
AT&T, MediaOne Sue Va. County Over Forced Access
AT&T and MediaOne have filed a complaint in the U. S. District Court in Richmond, challenging Henrico County ordinance imposing  'open access' or 'forced access' requirements on the cable system. (Jan 21, 2000)


December 28, 1999 -  AT&T/TCI agrees to a self-executing open access provision in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh City Council approved a new 10-year agreement with AT&T/TCI, calling for the cable company to provide nondiscriminatory open access to independent Internet service providers if AT&T voluntarily or involuntarily provides open access elsewhere in the United States. This is the first self-executing open access provision that AT&T/TCI has agreed to.. >  More about this

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