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iAdvance Coalition
A coalition of public interest groups and technology and telecommunications companies that supports affordable, high-speed access to the Internet.
Open Net Coalition
A coalition representing more than 900 Internet service providers and other Internet-related companies around the United States supporting open aceess to the Net.
No Gate Keepers
Organization dedicated to preserving diversity and choice online by preventing "Gatekeepers" from taking control of the Internet.
Washington State Internet Lobby
A grass roots movement for open access to  cable systems
Open Access Alliance
   Northern and Central California
   Southern California
   Bay Area
Pittsburgh Open Access Coalition
Site dedicated to the recent victory for open access in Pittsburgh.
Bay Area Open Access Coalition (Moved)
The Bay Area Open Access Coalition (BOAC) has combined with  the Open Access Alliance in January 2000.  Information on BOAC can be found at the Open Access Alliance site or through email at
Organizations Supporting Open Access
As published at
  1. Alliance for Community Media
  2. Benton Foundation
  3. Center for Media Education
  4. Civil Rights Forum on Communications Policy
  5. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  6. Consumer Project on Technology
  7. Consumers Union Media Access Project
  8. National Association of Countires
  9. OMB Watch Toward Utility Rate Normalization
  10. Utility Consumer Action Network

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