Knowledge Map

The Berkman team has been seeking to map the knowledge space constituted by the human and organizational network of individuals and groups working on issues related to youth-oriented online hate speech. By drawing upon the Berkman Center’s international and interdisciplinary networks, the networks of the initiative’s Leadership Team and collaborators, the research [link to Research sub-node] we’ve been conducting on scholarly literature, and other information gathering, we have created the “Knowledge Map,” which a database of such individuals and organizations. Still a work in progress, the Knowledge Map currently takes the form of a publicly accessible spreadsheet on Google Docs, accessible at this url: The spreadsheet is searchable and sortable, and contains information on the backgrounds, focuses, and approaches of the 200-plus people and groups that are listed. We hope that this resource proves useful to anyone working on issues related to youth-oriented online hate speech, as a means of discovering potential collaborators or thought partners, getting a sense of who in the space is working on which issues, or in other ways. We warmly welcome feedback and suggestions at our contact address.

Last updated

July 8, 2015