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Wolfgang Schulz

Director of the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

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Prof. Wolfgang Schulz, born in 1963, studied law and journalism in Hamburg. Since 1997 he has been a lecturer within the field of information and communication at the law faculty of the University of Hamburg.

In July 2009 he made his habilitation at the law faculty of the University of Hamburg through the Venia Legendi for public law, media law and law philosophy. In November 2011 he was appointed professor for  «Media Law and Public Law including Theoretical Foundations” at the Faculty of Law at the University of Hamburg.

Since July 2001 Prof. Schulz has been a member of the directorate of the Hans-Bredow Insitute.The focus of his work is on issues regarding the regulation of media content (specifically the portrayal of violence), issues regarding the regulation of new media – especially exposure of violence - questions concerning the legal basis of new communication media, specifically digital television and legal issues of journalism as well as questions tackling a legal basis of the freedom of communication and, according to systems theory, descriptions of jounalistic systems.

He also works on legal instruments of the state, for instance with regards to ‘regulated self-regulation’. Wolfgang Schulz is an expert member of the parliamentary Enquete-Commission ‘Internet and digital Society’ as well as a member of the committee of experts ‘Communication and Information’ and of the advisory board ‘Diversity of Cultural Forms of Expression’ of the German UNESCO-Commission. Furthermore, he is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Media Law.

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