Berkman Buzz: November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

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Cyberlaw Clinic argues against forcing defendants to decrypt data

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On Monday, the Cyberlaw Clinic filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Massachusetts, the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the case of Commonwealth v. Gelfgatt, SJC No. 11358. In the brief, we argue that the Fifth Amendment and article 12 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights prohibit the government from compelling a defendant to decrypt their electronic data for use against them in criminal proceedings because it involves the kind of testimonial acts protected by constitutional protections against self-incrimination.

From Kit Walsh's post for the Cyberlaw Clinic, "Fifth Amendment Prevents Compelled Decryption"
About the Cyberlaw Clinic | @cyberlawclinic

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Hackathons in @aaronsw's memory happen all over the world next Friday. Please join ours in Boston:
Ethan Zuckerman (@ethanz)

David Eaves reflects on Civil Society Day

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There was much that was good about Civil Society Day (#CSOday). Old acquaintances reconnect and some new connections were forged. There were many useful exchanges of best practices and shared challenges and even some fun moments – such as singing led by transparency activists from the sub-continent who regularly put their lives on the line.

However with an evenings reflection I feel increasingly that the day represents a missed opportunity.

From David Eaves's blog post, "The OGP, Civil Society and Power: Why #CSOday missed its mark"
About David | @daeaves

Ethan Zuckerman liveblogs a conversation between Ta-Nehisi Coates and Hendrik Hertzberg on opinion journalism

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Coates asks Hertzberg about his process: does he craft individual sentences or whole arguments? Hertzberg confesses to being a difficult writer – he struggles over sentences, particularly the first sentences in a piece. “It’s important to be fresh, to avoid cliches”. And while Hertzberg has roadmaps for his arguments, he explains that he spends a great deal of time crafting each sentence, ensuring the tone and imagery is right to construct the tone and ideas he needs to convey.

From Ethan Zuckerman's blog post, "Ta-Nehesi Coates and Hendrik Hertzberg at MIT on opinion journalism"
About Ethan | @ethanz

SJ Klein reviews Wikipedia: The Movie

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Wikipedia The Movie, a wiki-amusement started by Mark Pellegrini during the Chrome Age of Wikipedia, is hard to describe, and not exactly what you might expect. It is a surreal cataclysm of in-jokes pretzled together into a tilable shape. Its pieces have been polished by those who appreciate it: editors with a sense of humor, reflecting on a larger community whose relationship with humor is more nuanced. In short Dalí-scented scenes, and the language of cafeteria gossip, it captures some of what is mad and wonderful about the projects in a way that is honest to the madness of humanity. Enough to make any committed editor wince or smile. It makes me wonder what a similarly frank slice of subtext would look like for other large-scale projects.

From SJ Klein's blog post, "Wikipedia The Movie: The maddest thing I've seen in some time"
About SJ | @metasj

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From the @dpla, a timeline of over 300 Halloween images from the past 100 years: Capsule history of kids' costumes.
Dan Cohen (dancohen)

VIDEO: “No Woman, No Drive” Stuns Saudi Arabia

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Today, October 26, was the day Saudi activists chose to protest against the driving ban on women in the Kingdom. As social networks were buzzing under increasing number of reports of women driving across the country, a brilliant a capella remake of Bob Marley's “No Woman, No Cry” spread at the speed of light, in a sound support of brave women challenging conservative sexist legislation and pseudo-scientific justification of them being prohibited to enjoy freedom of movement.

From Rayna St.'s post for Global Voices, "VIDEO: “No Woman, No Drive” Stuns Saudi Arabia"
About Global Voices Online | @globalvoices

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