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Guide on Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies - Print & PDF Editions

October 23, 2013

Since 2011, with input and feedback from colleagues around the world, Stuart Shieber and Peter Suber have been developing recommendations for university policies on open access to faculty research. They released the first edition of their guide during Open Access Week 2012, and they've spent the year since then steadily enlarging and improving it.

They keep the master version of the guide on a wiki to make continual revision easy. Although the wiki version has received nearly 40,000 views to date, some users prefer to read or share the guide in other formats. Today, in Open Access Week 2013, Stuart and Peter are pleased to release the first print and PDF editions. The new editions use the text as it stood in late September 2013.

The wiki edition will still contain the latest updates. But the new editions should make the guide more versatile and useful. Like the wiki edition, the new editions stand under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licenses.

Stuart is a Professor of Computer Science and the Faculty Director of the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication. Peter is the Director of the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication, Director of the Harvard Open Access Project, and Faculty Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The guide reflects their views as individuals, not necessarily those of Harvard University.

The guide is a product of the Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP). Stuart and Peter thank Arcadia, which funds HOAP, and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, which administers it.

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