Jun 9 2011 9:00am to Jun 10 2011 5:00pm

Hyper-Public: A Symposium on Designing Privacy and Public Space

June 9-10th
Harvard University
More information: http://www.hyperpublic.org
Registration for the symposium is now closed. You can follow the proceedings via Twitter. Audio and video from the symposium will be posted within a couple of weeks.

Technology is transforming privacy and reshaping what it means to be in public.  Our interactions—personal, professional, financial, etc.—increasingly take place online, where they are archived, searchable, and easily replicated. Discussions of privacy often focus solely on the question of how to protect privacy.  But a thriving public sphere, whether physical or virtual, is also essential to society. [Continue reading...]

Hyper-Public: A Symposium on Designing Privacy and Public Space, hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, will bring together computer scientists, ethnographers, architects, historians, artists and legal scholars to discuss how design influences privacy and public space, how it shapes and is shaped by human behavior and experience, and how it can cultivate norms such as tolerance and diversity.

The symposium will take place on the campus of Harvard University on June 9-10th.

Learn more at http://www.hyperpublic.org.

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