March 9, 2008

With great enthusiasm (and a healthy dose of stage jitters), we bid you welcome to the new Berkman Center website.

The previous, venerable Cyber served us well. When it launched five years ago, it had a novel, bloggy feel and a daring non-crimson color scheme. It was not only dynamic and attractive, but functional. Indeed, its innovativeness allowed the site to last longer and grow larger than envisioned, setting a high bar for redesign.

Over the past years, an intrepid team gathered with the ambitious task of assembling the next state-of-the-art version of Cyber, a task made especially complex by the combination of the Center’s increased activities and our technological aspirations. As you will soon see, Team Berkman has again risen to the challenge, completing v1.0 of the new site right in the thick of our year-long anniversary celebration, Berkman@10.

That is not to say that everything is already perfect. Ten years (!) of audio, video, text, and images comprise one big garage of treasures, many of which exist now in this new site, with others being thoughtfully integrated on an ongoing basis.

In terms of functionality, we've tested, but the real proof of the pudding will be in the taste of your experience. We will need your help for the next steps. There will doubtless be various adjustments and fixes of the sort you would expect from a newborn site. We eagerly await your feedback on elements of content, form, and function at redesign-feedback@cyber.harvard.edu.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to swat any bugs that crop up and to implement other fun features and improvements, in addition to providing our usual steady stream of Berkman Center goings-on, so please come back early and often!

- Colin Maclay, Managing Director

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March 24, 2008