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March 13, 2003
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> Internet Law Program to Debut in Brazil and California: The Berkman Center is pleased to announce two upcoming sessions of its Internet Law Program--a dynamic five-day seminar that brings together the leading experts in the field with participants from all over the world to explore today's most pressing Internet issues. The spring session, offered jointly by the Berkman Center and the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), will take place March 24-28 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The summer session, presented in conjunction with Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, will take place on June 30-July 4 in Stanford, California.

"We aim to give participants a comprehensive view of the major issues involved in this fast-changing area of the law," said William Fisher, faculty director of the Berkman Center and founder of the program. "From there we hope to engage them in the larger questions: How are current developments and decisions affecting commerce, culture, and politics on the Internet? And how should the law be reformed?"

Joining Fisher to teach the program is an outstanding team of educators that includes Lawrence Lessig of Stanford, Yochai Benkler of New York University, and Charles Nesson and Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard.

Further details and registration are available at the below URL:


***EXTRA: We will be taking running notes on the Rio ILAW program as it takes place; to access the notes, tune in March 24-28 to Copyfight.

> Berkman Center Collaborates with Gartner|G2 for Digital Media Study: The battle over intellectual property on the Internet is reaching a critical point of inflection. Both consumer groups and entertainment companies have over the past year endorsed new Congressional bills to protect their respective rights. While entertainment companies are endeavoring to incorporate technological means to restrict uses of their creations, consumers and technology creators fight in court for the right to circumvent these restrictions.

How did we get here? Can the current conflicts be resolved?

The Berkman Center has joined with Gartner|G2 to conduct a study to assess how the shift to digital media is affecting the legal and regulatory landscape. Specifically, the project will produce a foundational paper identifying the critical features of technological, economic, and legal change that have resulted in the current situation. From there, it will propose and critically analyze potential legal and business models for the future, with the goal of shedding light on today's conflicts while exploring possible solutions aimed at balancing the interests of consumers, artists and entertainment companies, and technology manufacturers.

"We are excited to be working on these difficult and important issues," said Berkman Fellow Blythe Holden, who along with Gartner|G2 analyst Michael McGuire leads the project. "There are multiple shades of gray in this area, and our hope is that we can help advance the debate via a thorough consideration of the current situation and of promising solutions."

Follow the link below for further details:


> Berkman Center Welcomes International Technologies Group: The Berkman Center is honored to welcome aboard the International Technologies Group, a research initiative that aims to translate cutting edge thinking about how ICTs can improve economic development into practical projects, advice and action. Formerly housed at Harvard's Center for International Development, ITG is directed by Berkman fellows Geoffrey Kirkman and Colin Maclay.

Details about ITG's ongoing and past projects are located at the URL below:

Follow the link below for further details:


***EXTRA: The Berkman Center is offering a new Berkman Online Lecture and Discussion (BOLD) series on "The Internet and Development." Free and open to the general public, the series begins on March 31 and features modules led by Kirkman, Maclay, former ICANN Vice President, CPO and CFO Andrew McLaughlin, Open Economies Director Dr. James Moore and Berkman Fellow Ethan Zuckerman, the founder of Geekcorps. Visit the below link to learn more or to register for the series:


***Please note: Questions regarding the BOLD series should be directed to Wendy Koslow.
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* 03/15/03, Cambridge, MA--"Copyright and Fair Use: Current and Future Prospects" (Harvard Journal on Law & Technology)


* 03/24/03-03/28/03, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--"Internet Law Program" (Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Fundacao Getulio Vargas)


* 04/01/03-04/04/03, New York, NY--"Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2003" (CFP)


* 05/28/03-05/30/03, Cambridge, MA--"Third Open Source Content Management Conference" (OSCOM)


* 06/30/03-07/04/03, Stanford, CA--"Internet Law Program" (Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Stanford Center for Internet and Society)


* 05/28/03-05/30/03, Oxford, UK--"Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program" (OII, Annenberg School of Communication, Berkman Center for Internet & Society)


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* The Balance Act of 2003, Section-by-Section Analysis


Detailed description of a bill recently reintroduced by Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), designed to "restore the traditional balance of copyright law."

* LawMeme: Boalt DRM Conference Report


Detailed, cohesive report on the proceedings at Berkeley's recent "Law & Technology of DRM" conference, by attendee James Grimmelmann.

* Unofficial CIPA Transcript--US v. ALA


Notes from the oral arguments March 5 before the US Supreme Court in US v. American Library Association, by ALA forum member Hampton "Skip" Auld.

* Sites Blocked by Internet Filtering Programs


Berkman Affiliate Ben Edelman's expert report for the ACLU in the case.

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