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Radio Open Source Returns

Berkman Alum Chris Lydon and Radio Open Source have found a new home at the Watson Institute at Brown University, where they join fellow emeritus and Watson Associate Director Geoffrey Kirkman. In a note posted to their website, Radio Open Source Producer Mary McGrath and Host Chris Lydon explain how

“An American conversation with global attitude” could be the motto of the revived Open Source. As always, we need your partnership here to locate the topics, guests and angles that will keep it richly distinctive. All we want to be, as we keep growing up, is – as many of you suggested...

We learned also that podcasting works. The proto-blogger Dave Winer and I claim together to have done the first podcast in human history just a little more than four years ago. Between us, at Harvard’s Berkman Center, we were the Neil Armstrong of the podcast moon, and now everyone’s going there. For good reason.

To learn more about Radio Open Source, read the introduction to the program, listen online, sign up for their RSS feed, visit their homepage, suggest a topic for a show, and be sure to keep an eye out for new programs soon!