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Berkman Buzz, week of May 28

BERKMAN BUZZ: A look at the past week's online Berkman conversations
*Special UNIVERSITY: Knowledge Beyond Authority Edition*
The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School
Week of May 28, 2007

What's going on at the 6th Harvard Internet & Society Conference today... take your pick or browse below.

*Ethan Zuckerman provides an update from OLPC.
*Doc Searls at School 2.0.
*David Weinberger on "Yesterday, and today's opening."
*Charlie Nesson explains the dots.
*Dan Gillmor on the role of University.
*Weekly Global Voice: Accepting micro-grant proposals.

The full buzz.

“At tonight’s Harvard Law School cocktail party, before Nicholas Negroponte arrived to give a talk about One Laptop Per Child, a friend asked me why I continue to attend Negroponte’s talks. “Given how many of these you’ve heard, what are you going to get out of this?"”
Ethan Zuckerman, “An update on OLPC from Dr. Negroponte

“Having a very interesting day at IS2K7 at the Harvard Law School. There's a great list of questions we're visiting here. Here in Ames (a vast and beautiful courtroom), there are lots of questions and comments about What's Wrong with The System, about the Harvard and MIT "brands" and what they mean.  I have four thoughts that I didn't have a chance to share with the room, so I will here.”
Doc Searls, “School 2.0

“I found portions of yesterday's meetings a little frustrating. It was a fantastic set of people, from all over Harvard, other universities, non-profits, open access folks, and representatives of the content industries (journal publishers, entertainment industry). There were many great discussions, but with some I think I'm just out of step with the times.”
David Weinberger, “[is2k7] Yesterday, and today's opening

"yes we are on both sides; yes we are reed elsivier as well as we are harvard mit; citizen professor; citizen student; citizen; that’s what those dots are; knowledge above authority is the knowledge that our challenge is to govern ourselves; knowledge above authority is norm that we live by without a stick beating on us; norm generation is self governance; now we are talking”
Charles Nesson, “is2k7 - out from under chatham rules

"I’m at Berkman today for the Internet & Society Conference 2007. The title this year is “University: Knowledge Beyond Authority,” and the theme is largely about how “open” — in all kinds of ways — the university (all universities, not just Harvard) should be in a Digital Age.”
Dan Gillmor, “...the Role of a University

"Rising Voices, the outreach arm of Global Voices, is now accepting project proposals for the first round of microgrant funding of up to $5,000 for new media outreach projects. Ideal applicants will present innovative and detailed proposals to teach citizen media techniques to communities that are poorly positioned to discover and take advantage of tools like blogging, video-blogging, and podcasting on their own.”
David Sasaki, “Rising Voices Seeks Micro-grant Proposals for Blog Outreach