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OpEd Asks for Protection from RIAA

In a Harvard Crimson Op-Ed, Berkman Founder Charles Nesson and fellow Wendy Seltzer explain why the latest tactics of the RIAA to pursue copyright infringment run counter to Harvard's mission and what is at stake in the battle over "pre-litigation letters."

Referencing the "non-monetary costs," they point to the infractions on students' privacy, limited access to educational tools, suppression of creative expression, and more in their defense of the university's space and rights.

To view the full article online visit the Harvard Crimson website, where you can provide any comments or feedback that you like. The op-ed was also featured on Digg and Slashdot this past weekend.

This will also be a topic of discussion at the Internet & Society Conference: Knowledge Beyond Authority, one month from today, where one of the working groups will be devoted entirely to this pressing issue.