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2008 Winter Term
Cyberlaw: Internet Points of Control

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Other Interesting Topics

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Recent News, Posts, Etc.

The New Yorker has just published (14 Jan edition, available online) an article on Google that also mentions the Viacom - Youtube suit. The main thrust of the piece is about Google's many tentacles and its need to beef up representation on Capitol Hill. See [1] Tseiver 13:56, 7 January 2008 (EST)

Larry Lessig has an interesting post on recent decisions and developments in the relationship of Copyright to the First Amendment.

Wiki Controversy

Group 4 has managed to stir up some controversy over on wikipedia that I thought that everyone else might be interested in seeing. Our attempt to resolve the dispute on waterboarding [2] has resulted in some accusation of sockpuppetry (among others) [3]. The dispute (debate/whatever) has been moved to the WP:ANI [4]. We'll be putting up some more information and thoughts on Group 4 Dispute Results this evening. Kp 18:22, 8 January 2008 (EST)

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Berkman Opportunities

Many of you have asked about clinical (looks to be full up for spring), Pro Bono (possible) or other research opportunities (including summer internships). We are thrilled to have student involvement at Berkman and invite you to explore any/all of these.

Information on the latest research work and summer internships is here, there will be an open house on February 12th at 7pm, which will be fun and informative, there is an incomplete list of research projects, and there are various listservs. You can find the classes our faculty are teaching this spring, and detailed spring course listings as well. If you have questions, feel free to contact Colin (cmaclay at cyber dot law dot harvard dot edu) or Becca Tabasky at rtabasky at cyber...