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What kind of work will we have to do for Cyberlaw?

Each day you will be assigned a modest amount of reading for the next class. You will also periodically have small assignments and group work. Group activities are meant to be collaborative in nature and we encourage the use of the class wiki and other forms of technology to work on them.

How will we be graded?

The course grade will be based on class participation (assignments, group work, in-class discussion, and discussion questions and wiki participation) and a take-home exam distributed on the last day of class and due the following Tuesday.

How much technical knowledge will be required for the course?

Technically, none. In fact, what we are looking for more than anything is a willingness to learn about and experiment with new technologies!

Is there a site with info about how to do different kinds of linking in wikis?

Yup. Check out the help pages on the MetaWiki.

I'd like to edit the wiki anonymously, how can I do that?

If you would like to edit using a pseudonym, you can certainly do so. To create a new account, log off your current account and then create a new account instead of logging in. If you choose to post pseudonomynously, then you should e-mail your pseudonym and your real name to Professor Zittrain.

Help! I don't understand <some technical issue>.

The Tech FAQ is a place on the Class Wiki where members of the class can post the questions and other members or the teaching staff can respond.

May guests sit in on class?

Definitely. Let us know that they're coming, and we might not call on them.

The first class session was recorded. Where is this audio recording located?

Are the class powerpoint slides available somewhere in some form?

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