Day 3 Assignment - Participate in Wikipedia Dispute Resolution - due midnight Tuesday

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Wikipedia Dispute Resolution

  • Use your groups from Thursday's Class (feel free to give yourselves a new name).
  • As a group, find a wikipedia entry that is currently involved in a dispute over its editing and/or content.
  • Some places to look to find current controversies are:
  • Any "What links here" and "Related changes" from a contentious topic, such as "terrorism".
  • Once your group has picked an on-going controversy, each member of the group should intervene and try to help resolve the dispute via the talk pages connected to the article.
  • Your group is free to coordinate your comments as little or as much as you want, but the comments should come from individual group members and not the group as a whole.
  • This is an on-going assignment so you should monitor and respond to the pages at least a few times.

By midnight on the evening of Tuesday January 8th, post the results of your group intervention in the pages linked below.