Agenda -- ICANN Community Meeting on Security and Stability of the Internet Naming and Address Allocation Systems
November 13, 2001 - Marina del Rey, Los Angeles
ICANN Public Meetings

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8:30 Welcome: ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn

8:45 Welcome Keynote:"A Secure and Stable Internet: No Time to Wait" (HTML document)

Plenary Speaker: Kenji Kosaka, Senior Vice Minister for Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications of Japan

9:15 Plenary Talk: "ICANN and the Security of the Internet" (powerpoint presentation)

Plenary Speaker: Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Fellow

10:00 Panel: Root Name Server Security

Moderator: Jun Murai (powerpoint presentation)
Panelists: Mark Kosters (powerpoint presentation), Lars-Johan Liman (powerpoint presentation), Paul Vixie (powerpoint presentation)

11:00 Break

11:15 Remarks: ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf, "Some of the Challenges"

11:30 Panel: DNS Security: Present and Future

Moderator: Ed Lewis (powerpoint presentation)
David Conrad (powerpoint presentation), Olaf Kolkman (powerpoint presentation), Allison Mankin, Ray Plzak

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Panel: TLD Registry and Nameserver Security

Moderator: Ken Silva (powerpoint presentation)
Panelists: Martin Lindner (PDF file), Geir Rasmussen (powerpoint presentations), Sabine Dolderer (powerpoint presentation), Frederico Neves (powerpoint presentation)

14:30 Panel: Registries and Registrars: Recovery & Restoration

Moderator: Elliot Noss
Panelists: Chanki Park (powerpoint presentation), Bruce Tonkin (powerpoint presentation), Rick Wesson (powerpoint presentation), Calvin Browne (powerpoint presentation)

15:30 Break
15:45 Cross-community break-out groups (no webcast)


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