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Security and Stability of the Internet: an International PerspectiveNo Time to Wait !

Kenji Kosaka

Senior Vice Minister for Public Management, Home Affairs,

Posts and Telecommunications

And Member of the House of RepresentativesGovernment of Japan



Mister. Ppresident,

Distinguished board members,

Ladies and gentlemen,


I feel am very honored to be have been inviteda chance to speak to all of you today to such a distinguished audience at thisparticipants in the special meeting ICANN special Conferenceon the Security and Stability of the Internet Naming and Address Allocation Systems.

First of all, I would like to begin by expressing my sympathy and admiration for tsolidarity to the American people in the aftermath of the barbaric terrorist crime the whole world witnessed two months ago on September 11. I also heard the unfortunate air disaster yesterday. My thoughts are always always with the victims and their families, who suffered from the abominable acts of barbaric crime that the whole world witnessed two months ago. At the same time, I have been impressed encouraged by the efforts of the rescue workers.

 that came together to help those who suffered to pick up the pieces of their lives and of those We have to who are work togethering to ensure that such a tragedy canshould never happen again.  

Furthermore, I would like to say

In particular, I am Secondly, I am deeply moved by the efforts of all the people involved in this organizing this important meeting under suchthese trying difficult circumstances since September 11.


1.              Introduction


-             At first glance Well, you may think of me meresimply as a as a prim man representative ofing the Japanese government. However, I am also In reality I am a fellow member of the Internet Family like all of you., for I became am connected to each and every one of you through a wireless internet LAN card the moment I entered this hall. I can connect via the wireless Internet even though I arrived from Japan with Japanese equipment because two years ago iIn Japan we adjusted the frequency band for wireless LANs in the country two years ago to ensure that the same wireless internet make same cards can be used usable anywhere in the world. So I can be connected via wireless Internet even though I arrived from Japan. That is truly an example of the power of the internet. Therefore, I would like to address you today as a fellow member of the Internet Family.


-             Why I am here? There are two reasons:

-             The first one is, of course, because after watching the tragic terrorist acts I became was concerned about ensuring the security of the Internet, t, which is the nervous system of the contemporary world. after watching the tragic terrorist acts.

- The sSecond reasonone is, however,  that I was astounded unpleasantly surprised to learn that ICANN decided to hold a meeting focused on this subjecthe security of the internet only after that the tragic events of September 11. As anone Internet user, I had assumed was thinking that this theme and should related issues  hadve been fully resolved exhausted ages ago. I think this theme was, is, and will always be, very important.


-          “What is Man?” is one of the eternal questions of the human race, yet there are few who would disagree that people are intellectual animals. (I mean human beings are intellectual in general, which does not necessarily mean it is also the case with me.)[i] The Internet is a tool of communication that has the potential to increase human intellect and knowledge without limit, because it connects all the people of the world, transcending all time and space. It is the a revolutionary tool of thefor humankind that will bring change of the, on par with the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution.


-             The Internet has gone from a network serving researchers to a network for use by everyday people. TNowadays the Internet is has become part of the very foundation of human society and people. From kindergarten students pupils to the elderly, people now use the Internet as they would a TV remote control or water faucet. The use of the Internet has risen skyward, partly due to popularity of the www (world wide web). However, iIt used to be like a simple spider's web: easily broken by the wind or the rain or a small falling leaf. Now it is like a strong hammock, made of netted cords, rigged between trees with thick ropes. People rely on it and repose themselves there. You can enhance its reliability by firmly tying each knot. By weaving minutely, you can make it robust enough to support you even if a part of it is damaged.


-             As the role and importance of the Internet has changed, it is becoming more and more important to secure the safety security and stability of the Internet as an integral part of the social infrastructure.


2.          Praise and support for the creation of the current ICANN system


-           Looking back at the history of the establishment of ICANN in 1998, I cannot help but respect and admire the U.S. government's support for the autonomous operation of the Internet by the world Internet community and the fundamental policy of a community consensus for ICANN decision making.


-             The reason is that iIf the U.S. government had not worked to implement private management for the Internet as a basic rule, support from around the world participation in ICANN by organizations from each country and the support that they provide would not have been possible. When ICANN was establishedlaunched, it was a big issuethe question of how to build a global system acceptable to the whole world, transcending the differences of nations, languages and cultures, was a major issue. It is worthy of praise that the this issue was resolved through an open debate discussions among the members of the Internet community in a series of Green Papers and White Papers, with everyone showing mutual respect for each other.exhausted this subject, fully respecting each other, through the series of procedures including Green Papers and White Papers. The The US government which produceds producing that process such procedures is also highly to beworthy of praised.

              Current ICANN activities are the advanceda first step towardof a democratic form of global governance in the future. They not only showed valuable lessons to the world, but also gave hope and courage to people who dare new challenges.


-             If ICANN were not founded on a basis of a community consensus, I would probably not have  had thise chance to meet with the many wonderful freedom-loving and wonderful people that I see here today who have open hearts and are willingness to listen to others.


-             I strongly support current ICANN policy. In particular, II believe that the community decision-making method, which ICANN uses, is the best onemost appropriate for the internet community. By theThe reliance on the consensus of all the members, rather than top-down by the orders frofrom onem the top, it ensures the strong ties and support throughoutamong the Internet community, namely among parties such asincluding among Internet policy makers, operators, users and governments.


-                          -  In Japan, we made last year we passed a new the "Basic Law on the Formation of an Advanced Information and Telecommunications Network Society". The lawIt is based on thea notion premise that the much in the same way the Internet is governed today, should be as it is today, in other words, tthe basis of the society in the 21st century should also be  community consensus style. The underlying spirit is that the internet will be used in all areas of society, including as environment, agriculture, medicine, education and economics, and that the free and secure exchange of digital information will help lead to a more energized society in the 21st century.

-                          the society in the 21st century will be more energetic through free and safe sharing and use of digital information via Internet in all areas, such as environment, agriculture, medicine, education and economics.


3.              Significance of this Meeting


-                          -   The topic of this meeting is "Security and Stability in the Internet Naming and Address Allocation System." The brutal and tragic terrorist acts of September 11 remind us of the pressing need for this meeting. The occasion is a most unfortunate one, but I believe our effort will contribute to promoting world peace and preventing further terrorist attacks, if we can help remove prejudice and discrimination from the world through the construction of a safe and strong global communications infrastructure. If these efforts can help prevent future terrorist attacks, then we may be able to help answer the wishes of many of the victims of the September 11 attack. (By so doing we can fulfill the hopes of many victims.)[ii]


-             More and more, basic services such as energy, transportation, government depend on the Internet that heavily influence people's lives, the economy, and the society, and such as energy, transportation, governmental administration, national security and other services related to national security. increasingly rely on the internet. Thus, as the Internet spreads at an increasing pace, dealing with the threat of cyber-terrorism is becoming an increasingly important issue that humankind must overcome.  as the spread of the Internet is expected to accelerate.


-             As Internet technology evolves at a dizzying pace, the borderless nature of cyberspace and the parallel evolution of cyber attack methods increase the possibility of instantaneous and secret attacks from anywhere in the world. To deal with this problem in such circumstances, we must share our knowledgework together based on a common understanding of the challenge to , establish ever more robust security measures ,and ceaselessly review them. 


-             In the world of today where the internet serves as a basis for the communications that link the world togetherIn the Internet world that supports worldwide communications, it will be easier to we can prevent Internet terrorism even easierif we increase the through heightened security for existing systems. This will requires the relentlesssedulous efforts of each individual, including by everyone, including the ICANN board members, DNS operators, ccTLD registries, gTLD registries, domain registrars, telecom carriers, manufacturers, and ultimately individual Internet users.


-                          -   About 1,200 years ago, thea great Japanese Buddhist priest (Saicho) said, He who sheds his light over over his domain a corner of the country is a  the nationals treasure. I interpret this proverb to mean it like this: what iit is most important for each person to fulfill his or her respective role in the best way they cans the most important is that everyone does his (her) job diligently in respective position. In the world of the Internet, I believe the efforts of each and every one of you are a world treasure.the treasure of the world.


-             A recurring theme I've heard in this meeting is the issue of the security of root name server security. This means that root name server operators, who are given operational responsibility by ICANN, are responsible for the safety and stability of their operation. There are 13 DNS root name servers in the world. Of the servers outside the U.S., one of them resides in Japan. While the distributed management of root name servers may be reconsidered in the future, Japan's responsibility  for currently existing one is maintaining the security its root name server is extremely importantgreat. The Japanese government also has to fulfill its responsibilityis responsible for helping to improveing the security of of the Internet as part of the national and global internet infrastructure. The operators of the root name server in Japan are enhancing  the security through backups and other measures by such measures as building a backup. And I will intend to maintain close ties with them, to, extend all necessary support give them the utmost cooperation to ensure the security and stability of their system, and continue to work closely with them based onto cooperate to implement the results of this meeting in future..


-          However, I don't believe this mindset thinking applies only to is just for the countries where the root name servers reside. The Internet does not run on root name servers alone. As I said before, ensuring the safety and stability of the Internet depends on every member is the responsibility of the Internet community, businesses, each individuals, and governments, all . They should fulfilling their respective duties on the the global, regional, and national levels.


4.           Other Issues


-          There are many other issues in the internet world besides the issue of security that still that must still be resolved ras quickly as possibleegarding Internet security.


-                          -  From the point of view of a government representative who views Viewing the Internet as part of the social fabric of society in the twenty-first century, the I am government is strongly interested in seeing that the Internet functions in an unobstructed manner, is useful to people, and serves to remove the and serves people well, and thus removes various barriers that currently exist in the world.


-             Last year, ICANN decided to add 7 global Top Level DomainLDs and is currently implementing them. It is hoped that these new gTLDs will be implemented without much confusion and will help to supply meet the new growing demand for Internet services from new businessses and others.


-             The introduction of Internet Protocol Version Pv6 is also a large issue in the realm of IP addresses. And while there may be differences on the level of urgency people feel for this subject everyone may have a slightly different level of urgency on the subject, the number of Internet users in Asia has experienced skyrocketing growth in recent years, and the number of people accessing the Internet through DSL, cable, satellite, cellular phones, and other channels is expected to grow further. In addition, in Japan IP addresses are expected to be used in a wide variety of areas in daily life scenes such as with electric home electric appliances. I think all these developments will make the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 an urgent issue and that t. This is something that everyone should be aware of.


5.               Closing remarks


-             I would like to help establish the safea secure Internet through participating in the ICANN process as an Internet user. Just like all other governments, the Japanese government also respect and expecthas full confidence in and high expectations for ICANN’s efforts efforts to operate a stable Internet.


-             The Internet must assume the responsibility as of serving as the basis of sharing information and iknowledge ntellect among all the people on the earth. The I believe that efforts to build the new Internet through things likelike IPv6 will eventually enable realize access to all the information on all existing objects. The safety of the basis of the Internet infrastructure as a basis for the as a 21st century social infrastructure in the 21st century must be supported by users, operators, IANA and registries. That is where expectations for ICANN’s contribution is most expectedare highest.


-             To put it differently,I would like to close by emphasizeing that the Internet is already functioning as thea basis of the global economy and that the global economy could no longer develop without the internet. All of the  people and all the governments in the world should must recognize this fact.


-                          -  I would like to conclude by wishing all of you success and by saying that not only do I have the highest expectations for the success of this meeting, but I also believe that this meeting will become an important milestone in the history of the internet.

-I am certain that this meeting will be meaningful for all of you. I am also certain it will be a milestone in the history of the Internet when you look back some day on your successful career.


Long live the Internet, long live ICANN!


Thank you for your attention.


[i]   これはジョーク。その場の雰囲気で省略してください。

[ii]   一応訳しましたが、省略した方が良いと思います。自分の主張を死者の意思だったようにこじつけているように聞こえかねませんので。