John Palfrey: "Fair Use" Unreliable Defense

Executive Director John Palfrey argues in a recent post that weblog writers ought to use Creative Commons licenses affirmatively to assert their IP rights rather than relying on the (unreliable) fair use defense: "I have some bad news: fair use is unreliable as a defense in this day and age, on the Web in particular.  I very often hear technical people rely on fair use as a reason for doing something, and those people are almost always overstating its reach." Bonus: Check out the Creative Commons weblog for a post on how the Oyez project is using CC licenses to distribute audio recordings of the arguments before the Supreme Court, plus a Wired piece by Katie Dean on same.

ILAW Wrap Up

ILAW participant Frank Field has notes and links to weblog commentary on the program, conveniently keyed to the program agenda.